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Thread: DreamLink HD Setup Instructions

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    Default DreamLink HD Setup Instructions

    C/P user asked not to be noted ...

    First make sure you have formatted your usb stick in your computer.

    When you put the files on the usb stick and place it in the Dreamlink HD a Usb Explorer window will pop up and show you the files on the stick.

    Place the factory file on your usb stick

    Then place the latest bin file on it

    First place the factory file on the Dreamlink HD, Then do a factory reset of the box. Again the Usb Exporer window will come up. Then select the latest bin file and place on the box.

    Then go in Menu to Installation scroll down to Option and select Renumbering by SID to ON and make sure Auto CH/TP Update is selected to ON.

    Then while still in Installation select Dish Settings and set up your sats.

    Then go to manual scan and make sure Transmission is set to Turbo 8PSK

    Press exit and now to go Auto Scan and scan yor sats.

    When done exit and save.

    Next go to Configuration...Set your Time and your A/V Output Settings and also UI Settings.

    Then to Network Settings and hit the Blue butoon on remote to set up your servers. A box will appear select password 0000.

    You have 10 private server you can put in. Dont have them all activated just have a max of 3 activated at a time. Myself i have 2 activated most times. One for Bev and one for DN.

    If you activate more you will get pixels showing up. Why you ask? Is because all the servers will enter the box and the box will get confused which one to take and that will give you pixelation on HD Ch.

    To place your servers in take time and make sure all your ps settings are right.Here how to do...

    Name or ip..after done push exit

    Ports...when done push arrow down on remote directional pad

    Id ...after your done press exit

    Password...after done press exit

    Des Key..after done press exit

    Now press exit again and make sure your private server is on.

    Press exit again and you will see a box pop up and it will tell you which servers are connected.Will say Newtork is Connected (4)(3) if you have 2 activated. Exit out if connected.

    Next you can go to Channel List and do your Parental Control if need to.

    Next is Utilities thats where you can see System Information on your box. Mp3 Player is there...Image Viewer Data transfer if you want to save Ch list or put a file on and also the PVR Menu

    Which i think you all know what to do in those places.

    The unit records very well I have recorded movies no problem on it using USB 8 gig Kingston stick...and burned those movies using ConvertXto DVD..

    Thats it folks you should be connected and now get to enjoy this great small great looking box

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