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Thread: I-Hub Guides

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    Default SONICVIEW IHUB RESET July 10, 2009 Sonicview ihub reset

    SONICVIEW IHUB RESET July 10, 2009 Sonicview ihub reset

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    Default iHub 1.9 setup with Pics.

    iHub 1.9 setup

    Thanks to camvic for this info

    Ok, now that we have new files what do we do ?
    First we make sure we watch a channel 200 CNN will do just fine.
    Make sure iHub is hardwired to the router, wireless may cause problems.
    Launch WIZNET on PC after you unzipped the file in a known location.
    Click SEARCH at the bottom of WIZ screen, once the board list has filled up click UPLOAD, select the bin file you want ( 1.9 ) and let it process.
    At the end you should see ď Complete uploading ď like in the attached pictures.
    About half way in the UPLOAD process you will lose TV, thatís normal donít panic.
    Perform another SEARCH, confirm that top left corner displays version 1.9 and you can close WIZ.
    Unzip the file for your model, put it on a USB stick and plug it into receiver.
    Open USB file list and select S/W Update to receiver.
    If it worked before, after reboot you should get TV back, the IPCONFIG field in MENU looks a little different than the previous one check attachments.
    Thatís it, enjoy.
    PS pic's were taken from ver. 1.8, ignore that, you should be reading 1.9

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    Default Flash Order for 1.9 Ihub and 111409 Rom Bins

    Flash Order for 1.9 Ihub and 111409 Rom Bins

    Flash order for V1.9 Hub 11_14_09 (Rom Bins)
    Upgrade the iHUB to 1.9 using wiznet. Open wiznet , select DHCP or STATIC
    (If you have set it to static for some reason), select search.
    The info for all/any iHUB devices on your network will appear. Highlight the Mac address of the iHUB
    you want to upgrade to 1.9. Press upload and find the unzipped 1.9 iHUB bin, open ,and it will load it to
    that iHUB.
    Load the current STB bin with your thumbdrive.
    Reboot, watch TV.
    Note: Do Not Screw With The Settings On The Wiznet This Can
    Mess The Hub Up

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    Default Sonicview iHub Manual & Setup Guide

    Sonicview iHub Manual & Setup Guide
    (by Vesarious / FFA)

    Connect the IHUB to the receiver by plugging it in directly to the serial port on the rear of the receiver.

    You can either connect the IHUB via the fixed wire to the router and the modem or you can connect a wireless router and change the mode of the router to support wireless reception to the receiver and use a short cable to connect to the IHUB as shown above. The lights on the IHUB should light up if the cable connection to the router is correct. These lights verify connection as well as data transmission.
    Download the appropriate software that corresponds to your receiver. You canít use the device on other machines than the units the software is particularly designed for.
    Unzip the file after downloading and copy the file to your USB stick. Remember to properly release the drive from your PC and Windows before unplugging the drive from the computer..
    Open the menu and go to your PVR menu. Select the corresponding socket that you plug your USB drive into. The file should appear in the screen as shown below.
    Push ok and allow the receiver to load the file. Donít touch anything and allow it to reboot when the receiver prompts you.

    The receiver will reboot and chances are the screen resolution will be set incorrectly. Press Yellow Button, Then up arrow, then left. That should correct color but if not repeat to correct to NTSC.
    The IHUB should be plugged in and the cable connected. You will see a brief message that the module is connected. If it doesnít appear then turn off the box with the remote and turn it on again. In the Installation menu, IPCONFIG should appear at the bottom. Open this setup and set the following as shown.
    Setting Type =DHCP
    USE DNS.. Set to YES.
    Use the Domain =
    Server port = 1920
    Input the serial number in the slot and make sure the numbers are correct. It should be exactly as shown on the device.
    Click Apply.
    You should be able to test by going to a channel that is not normally available and see if it works. You can also go to the User Options. At the bottom you can select IKS, Card less, or both. If the channel works in IKS but not in card less your functional. Obviously those with Nimiq will also guarantee success. When your sure things are right set to Both.
    If youíre reading this then youíre not sure if itís working or youíre sure itís not working.
    Verify on the website that the service is running first.. Make sure that all connections are correct and you have lights on the hub as well you can see the IPCONFIG menu in the Installation menu. If the IHUB is not connected or resets, the menu item will not appear. If the IHUB resets, it must be reboot to operate again.
    Confirm what your system IP is and your router Gateway IP. Donít confuse any of the PCs in the system or a leaching user as your IHUB. Many routers include software like Network Magic. It wonít see the IHUB. Once you know and can identify which IPs are being used on your system and by who, make sure the gateway IP is the same for the IHUB as the Gateway for the IHUB. In some cases the IHUB will incorrectly identify the gateway and use an incorrect IP address. This will intern create an incorrect IP address for the device.

    If you find this to be the case then change the DHCP to static and correct the gateway numbers and assign an IP manually to the IHUB.
    The Local IP is the IHUB IP number. Make it a number above the last IP in use on your system. Local port is the port your receiver uses so thatís 80. Subnet is
    For the moment say no. Change the Server IP to
    DNS IP may show all zeros and thatís fine. The server port is 1920 and will remain the same. Make sure now your serial number is correct and click on apply.
    You should check now and make sure things are working. You may want to verify settings are staying in place.

    If all is well change the Use DNS to Yes. You now enter SVFTAIKS.COM as the domain name. Click Apply and test again. If that works then again go into setting type and change to DHCP. Click Apply and all should be functional properly
    For those that have a Motorola modem its possible that the router may conflict with it. In this example shown above the client purchased a Trendnet Router that required the IP numbers to be changed to 7 from 10. If you have had issues with your router in the past this may be the issue your having now as well. Move the router numbers to range to better enhance compatibility.
    In this case the original Gateway was used by the router which conflicted with the modem. It was changed to as the gateway and the router and modem worked well together. This change was the cause of his issue as to why the IHUB wouldnít work as the device couldnít properly detect the right IP info.
    The IHUB easily adapts once working from manual settings to automatic...

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    Default Wiznet configuration tool v3.0.2

    To configure your I-hub.
    Ping and firewall utilities included.

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    Default Ip configuration

    Ip configuration Here's a little program that may or may not help you get your iks unit up and running if you think it might be a local network issue
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    Default SONICVIEW 8000HD 82 bug error fix

    SONICVIEW 8000HD 82 bug error fix

    1-on pc goto start>run> type CMD
    2-in the dos window at the command prompt type IPCONFIG /ALL and write down ip address,subnet and gateway
    3-goto start>network connections>right click then choose properties
    4-right click on local area connections and select properties,go to the tcp/ip line in the window and double left click
    5-change from automatic to "use the following address" and enter the info as returned by ipconfig /all...leave the dns to be obtained automatically
    6-goto Alternate Configuration and change it to User configured,enter IP address, subnet and gateway
    7-now exit and reboot computer
    8-with receiver in standby run wiznet and it should find the ihub
    9-upload 2.1 then reboot receiver
    10-goto receiver menu>installation>ipconfig
    11-set to dhcp
    12-enter serial number and hit apply
    13-reboot receiver

    Vista and Windows 7

    For Vista and Windows 7 Operating System

    1) Start > Control panel > Network and Sharing Center >
    2) Under Tasks Pane - Manage Network Connections >
    3) Right Click - Local Area Connection >
    4) Properties > Highlight - Internet Protocol Version (IPv4)
    5) Select Properties Button >
    6) Click Alternate Configuration Tab > Select - “User Configured”
    7) Enter – IP address, subnet and gateway
    8) Exit and reboot computer
    9) Put receiver in standby mode - run wiznet and it should find the iHub
    10) Upload iHub version 2.1 then reboot receiver
    11) Go into Receivers Menu > Installation > ipconfig
    12) Set to DHCP
    13) Enter serial number and hit apply
    14) Reboot receiver - You should be good to go...

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    Default Ihub V2.2

    Ihub V2.2

    Load with wiznet to Ihubs

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    Default SV I-Hub - Last Hope For A Revival Of Your Mac Address

    SV I-Hub - Last Hope For A Revival Of Your Mac Address


    If you have tried all and feel you have what appears to be a dead iHub
    Kinda think you are one of the many who have written off the iHub as being "blown"
    Putting voltage to it cannot do any more harm. Right?

    1) Remove the non-responding iHub from the receiver

    2) Rig up a 9 volt battery to Pin 4 (+) and Protective Ground (-)
    Note: The Ethernet lights on the IHUB immediately lit up

    3) Open the Wiznet tool and hit search, it should immediately up came the iHub info

    4) Update iHub Remove Battery Attachment and Reconnect iHub to receiver


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    Default Wiznet 3.0.2

    Wiznet 3.0.2

    Latest Wiznet version

    Uninstall old version of wiznet Tool first before installing new version.

    This allows you to do ping tests and adjust the firewall settings.
    This is a updated version of Wiznet Program.

    Ping and firewall utilities included

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