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    Default X-FTA Dongle

    Ships from China

    802.11G Wireless Dongle for CW-600s CW-600P, CW-650s, 700S, 800S, COOLSAT 4000, 5000, 6000, also compatible with AVR or Atmega (experts only), no more cable supports distances of 30 meters indoors.

    The X-FTA Dongle, has menu so you can put your username and password, SSSP protocol.

    It works for models:

    Sonicview 360p, 360e and 8000hd
    Viewsat Ultra and Ultra lite
    Captive Works 600s, 600P, 700s and 800s
    Coolsat 4000.5000 and 6000
    Azbox s720usb, Azbox s710usb, Azbox NTSC, Azbox s700b addition to all the receivers that are compatible SSSP and many others.

    Supports Linux

    SSSP Client is easy to configure using the web menu interface and can be connected in just 5 minutes.

    * X-FTA Dongle
    * Includes 6 months technical support and lifetime IKS for North America
    * Power Supply
    * TTL Serial Cable & Converter

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    Default X-FTA Setup


    Step 1. Log into the x-fta dongle by connecting your pc into one of the 4 lan ports and grabbing a dhcp ip address.
    after that you log into the web interface by typing into the url bar of your web browser.

    Step 2. Go to the connection page. Select wireless bridge. set the bridge ip to
    an address in the subbnet of your primary router.
    If your primary router is then set it to or similar. and if its set it to or similar. remember after you change this number and save, you will need to type that number into the url bar. Set the subnet mask to set the ap/gateway ip address to that of your primary router. Like or depending on which brand you have. Select repeater disable.then click scan and select your primary router from the list. then enter your password if any and click save. wait about 2 minutes and enter the new ip address that you had selected for the bridge ip into the url bar.

    Step 3. Relocate your x-fta dongle from your pc to your satellite receiver and connect the serial cable that came with your satellite receiver to the x-fta dongle. then power on the x-fta dongle and wait 2 minutes before connecting to it from your pc. After you log into the x-fta dongle, please go to
    the satellite menu and check enable rq-sssp. then go down to receiver settings and and select which type of satellite receiver you have.
    Coolsat, Captiveworks or gbox for all others. Then go down to card server settings and on the existing one click edit.
    Leave the host alone, set the port to 11112, username is timmy and your password is worren .
    des key is C67A0C1A16ACD4FE5A6A64DBBAA9 . then click close and apply, after that click save all followed by
    build config file and then click start. and then you should have tv.
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    Default Gargoyle-1.2.3-wfemu


    If you are using an X-FTA router, this is the revised Gargoyle code needed to support your Viewsat product.

    1) If you have an ultra: Obtain these three bins and put them on USB stick
    VS ultra v0146.PGM (factory bin)
    PFTAUSW-100322.PGM (the 322 bin)
    PFTAUSW-100320.PGM (the 320 bin)
    Same for ultra lite just the bins for it instead
    2) Connect the USB stick to the front USB port, fire up the STB
    3) Go to menu "System Information"-> "Receiver Upgrade" -> "USB"
    4) Navigate to the factory bin, select it, install
    5) Wait for it to finish and reboot. Sometimes it will sit there with 0000 on the front panel, press the remote power button if so (it's in softoff)
    6) Go to menu "System Information" -> "Factory Default" enter PIN, say yes
    7) Repeat steps 3-5 but with the "322" bin instead
    8) Go to menu "Installation" -> "Serial Setup" -> "Network S/W Upgrade" -> "Network S/W Version" and verify it comes back with "wfemu v0.1b" This verifies your serial connection and wfemu is ready
    9) Repeat steps 3-5 but with the "320" bin this time (yes, downgrade)
    10) Once you are back up with "320" set up your sats
    11) Go to a channel you know your IKS povider handles, watch TV.
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